Moms and dads, learn how to shoot in manual mode to photograph YOUR kids from professional photographer- lorrin sell | embrace the perfect mess

learn manual mode


learn manual mode | crash course for momtographers is for YOU!  Moms and dads, learn how to shoot in manual mode to photograph YOUR kids from professional photographer- lorrin sell | embrace the perfect mess

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Product Description

It’s a class just for non-professional, BEGINNERS who want to learn to use their camera!!

It’s held online to make YOUR life easier!  No need to worry about getting a babysitter, no need to worry about working around already demanding schedules.

Course material is delivered in the form of an ebook, 4 assignments will be given, and all students will receive access to a secret facebook group to promote collaboration and help from peers, as well as give you all a place to ask me questions long after the course is over!


how much does it cost??  


What kind of camera/ lens do I need?

Any dslr with the kit lens will do!  Anything else is icing on the cake!  Suggestions will be given for lenses that may fit your needs too.

How long does it last, and are there scheduled times I will need to be online?

Since this course is an ebook, there is no need to be online at a given time.  Lessons and assignments are given at once, in an immediate download so you can get to work right away.  You’re able to work as slow or as fast as your life allows!  There are 4 creative assignments and prompts given.

I work a full-time job, kids at home, after school activities will I have time for this class?

Absolutely!!!  The reason I decided to transform this class into an ebook is to help busy moms and dads like YOU!!  Giving you the information in one place, and allowing you to take the time to learn on YOUR terms, makes things more manageable for people who are trying to squeeze this into their schedules.

How rigid are the assignments?  Will I be searching for the perfect hiking trail, or lake?  I’d hate to commit and then not be able to do the assignments.  

This course/ ebook is designed to teach you how to use your camera in manual mode.  Where you choose to take the pictures is entirely up to you!!

Do I need to be a parent to gain something from this class?

Truthfully, this class is designed for busy parents to learn how to use their cameras in manual mode.  The process is the same for those taking pictures of children, and those taking pictures of landscapes, and, therefore, would benefit anyone.  That said, the suggestions in the class are really meant to help parents get those pictures of their kids, they’ve been dying to get!!

I have read everything I can get my hands on, and had other people try to teach me how to use my camera in the past.  How can I be sure I’m going to figure it out this time?

Well, you can’t.  But…..  you’re not the first person to ask me this, and those people followed the former sentence with a happy—  “I totally get it now!!!”  And although my goal is to make you super happy with your purchase, I am happy to offer a 100% money back guarantee if you’re not happy with your purchase.

I’m in!!!  When does class start???

As soon as you’re ready!  Once you purchase the course, you will be immediately given access to the ebook.  You will have all 4 assignments, and all of the lessons.

I’m so pumped to teach you all what I love so much.

What others are saying??

As each day passes, it becomes more evident that my two year old is growing up much faster than I’d like. I can’t freeze her in time, but thanks to Lorrin I can now capture her shenanigans in “manual mode”. To say this class exceeded my expectations is an understatement. The lessons are not only easy to read but also very informative! It’s one thing to pick up your camera and simply point and shoot; it’s another to look through that eyepiece with a purpose. Do yourself a favor and enroll in any class Lorrin offers. She will not disappoint. I will be forever grateful for the insight she has given me. Thank you, Lorrin, you are truly amazing!    -Vicki

The class was very informative.  The style in which the information was presented was easy to follow and understand and the frequency with which lessons and assignments were sent out made for a very relaxed learning environment.   At no point did I feel overwhelmed as a student whose first priority is being a Mommy! It very enjoyable and engaging.  Aside from learning how to use my camera and take better pictures my interest in photography was ignited. Overall, well worth the time and money for anyone looking to learn and understand how to use their expensive dslr camera and, in turn, take better pictures.  I would highly recommend, and most definitely plan to take more classes offered!  -Jenn

 I really enjoyed this class!  The online format was convenient, and the information was presented in an easy to understand format.  I enjoyed putting my new-found knowledge about using the manual mode to use in the assignments.  I feel much more comfortable with and have a broader understanding of how to use my camera in manual mode.  I take sharper and more balanced pictures, as a result.  So, if you’re looking capture life’s most precious and  priceless moments, but are not getting the results you desire in auto mode, I would definitely recommend this course for you! -Jeanine

I have had my DSLR for a few years now, and I never really took the time to read the manual, only picked up a few tips along the way, etc.  I liked the idea of using manual mode and would experiment but I never really felt confident with my results.  What I enjoyed about taking this class was it got me reading and understanding my manual more.    -Rayna

I am very happy with how the class was taught and handled. The files were easily accessible and the information was presented in an easy to learn way. I was nervous I wouldn’t understand a lot of the “lingo” but Lorrin did a great job providing pictures, examples and methods to help understand the material.  I particularly liked how the course was taught in the sense I did not have to be available for online meetings or group chats at specific times etc. I am pleased with the outcome of my course and now look forward to taking more creative images. It’s a great feeling to know I am putting my expensive camera  to proper use and understand why and HOW to get the pictures I want! Thanks Lorrin!      -Bindie

I learned a lot in Lorrin’s class!  I never used manual mode on my camera before and I’m becoming more and more comfortable with adjusting the settings myself.  The assignments fit right in with the lessons.    -Lee

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