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learn how to compose your images artistically.  in just two short weeks i will help you turn your snapshots into works of art.  this interactive course is only offered at specific times throughout the year.  the next course will start on april 11.  learn composition is now open for enrollment.

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are you sick of taking boring snapshots??!!  are you ready to turn your pictures from ordinary to extraordinary??!!

this course is for you!!  i will go through all of my tips for making images that are more visually appealing and artistic.  we will go through 15+ methods for creating visually appealing images that take your pictures of your children out of the snapshot category!

it’s held online to make YOUR life easier!  no need to worry about getting a babysitter, no need to worry about working around already demanding schedules.

course material is delivered in the form of pdfs via email, 4 assignments will be given, and all students will receive access to a secret facebook group to promote collaboration and help from peers, as well as give you all a place to ask me questions long after the course is over!  PLUS, at the end of the 2 weeks there is a live Q&A!  i will be here to help throughout the entire class.


what kind of camera/ lens do i need?

while having a dslr will open options for you with regards to creativity, this course is about composition and therefore you can you use any camera you like!!

how long does it last, and are there scheduled times i will need to be online?

the class lasts 2 weeks, and there is no need to be online at a given time during the course.  lessons are delivered throughout the 2 weeks in the form of pdfs.  there are 4 assignments, and they must be turned in for evaluation by the time class wraps up.  there will be alive Q&A at the end of the class.  every attempt will be made to accommodate as many students as possible.

i work a full-time job, kids at home, after school activities will i have time for this class?

absolutely!!!  this class is designed for busy moms and dads like YOU!!  i am here to hold your hand through the learning process, but you can put as much or as little as you want into the course.  of course, the more you put into it, the more you will get out of it!!

how rigid are the assignments?  will i be searching for the perfect hiking trail, or lake?  i’d hate to commit and then not be able to do the assignments.  

this course is designed to teach you how to compose your images more artistically in real life situations.  where you choose to take the pictures is entirely up to you!!

do i need to be a parent to gain something from this class?

truthfully, this class is designed for busy parents to learn how to compose their images.  the process is the same for those taking pictures of children, and those taking pictures of landscapes, and, therefore, would benefit anyone.  that said, the suggestions in the class are really meant to help parents get those pictures of their kids, they’ve been dying to get!!


what happens after the class is over?

after the class is over, you have continued access to the facebook group, and i will still be there to answer questions!

i don’t have facebook, do i need it???

nope.  in the past, students who don’t have facebook have emailed their lessons to me.  while the facebook group brings a ton of value to the course, facebook is not an essential part of the class.

i’m in!!!  when does class start???

class is closed at the moment.  please sign up here for updates and notifications

i’m so pumped to teach you all what i love so much.


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